Study Guide for Final Exam

Topics: Credit history, Credit score, Mortgage Pages: 6 (751 words) Published: August 12, 2013

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Final Exam Study Guide

Purpose: The purpose of this study guide is to assist in preparation for the Final Exam.

How to use this study guide: Use this study guide to review the content covered in each week of the course. The guide highlights

Week One: Let’s Get Real and Personal

|Objective |What to Study | |Recognize the power of financial planning & |Standing in Your Truth. | |budgeting. | | |Identify key short- and long-term financial |Financial Freedom. | |planning goals. | | |Evaluate your current financial status. |Cash Flow Statements and different financial plans. |

Week Two: Becoming Debt-Free

|Objective |What to Study | |Differentiate between secured and unsecured |Define secured and unsecured debt. | |debt and strategies to address each. |Define good and bad debt. | |Apply best practices for reducing credit card |Types of credit cards. | |debt. | | |Determine best strategies to manage student |The four types of student loans. | |loan debt. |Delay process of student loans. | | |Understand FICO. | |Identify the importance of credit reports and |Differences between credit scores and credit reports. | |strategies to build a strong credit score. |Sections of a credit report. |

Week Three: Uncluttering Your Financial Life: Finding Your Path to Financial Freedom |Objective |What to Study | |Determine effective strategies for managing |Understand cash flow strategies like “Paying Yourself First” and “How to Save for | |your cash. |Emergencies.” | | |Three effective ways to think about money. | |Identify ways to improve your current |Understand the power of “Pay as You GO” and “How to Take Control of Your Bills.” | |financial status. |Understand a need versus a want. |

Week Four: Family Finances: Love and Money
|Objective |What to Study | | |Review Chapter Four regarding the importance of open communications about money within | |Determine best strategies for managing family |families....
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