Study Guide Exam 3

Topics: Tropical cyclone, Wind, Storm Pages: 3 (631 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Professor FitzGerald Spring 2014 Introduction to Beaches and Shorelines ES 142

Subject: Climatic Effects On Shorelines Refer to Chapter 5
1. How are barriers formed along the North Slope of Alaska? 2. Why are rivers muddier in the South than they are in the North?
3. What happens to the calcium carbonate (CaCO3, shells and coral) content of beaches from New England to Florida?
4. What is an oolite and how do they form?
5. What are mangroves and where are they found?
6. How is beach rock formed? In what type of regions do we find beach rock?

Subject: Storms and Storm Impacts Refer to Chapters 5 & 7
1. Be able to draw and explain the development of the major circulation (convection cells) that dominate the surface of Earth. What is the Hadely Cell?
2. What are three types of low-pressure systems? What are their wind circulation patterns?
3. Draw a low-pressure system. Explain why they have counter-clockwise circulation in the No. Hemisphere.
4. Where do hurricanes in the Atlantic form? Explain their general pathway and what controls this. 5. Be able to compare and contrast extratropical versus tropical cyclones (northeasters vs. hurricanes)

6. How can isobars be used to tell us about wind direction? What does their spacing tell us about wind speed?
7. What is a storm surge? What are the two major causes of storm surge formation?
8. What defines the tropics? Where do extratropical storms form?
9. What factor determines the type of extratropical storm that New England experiences (Northeaster, Southeaster, Southwester)? If you answered "the direction in which the wind blows,"then what controls the wind direction?

10. If a killer hurricane is advancing toward your barrier island...
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