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Topics: Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Islam, Constantinople, Justinian I / Pages: 8 (1932 words) / Published: Sep 13th, 2013
Module 1 Study Guide
Directions: Complete the Pretest! Then, complete this study guide as you are completing your lessons and assignments. Remember, this study guide does not count for a grade. It is to help you understand the module and prepare for your Discussion Based Assessment.

Lesson 1.01 Set the Stage

1. Name three challenges that emperors faced when the borders of their empires expanded:

Match the important events of the Roman Empire:

2. ____ 1000 BCE a. Roman empire controls Italian Peninsula
3. ____ 509 BCE b. Punic Wars
4. ____ 275 BCE c. Julius Caesar conquers Western Europe
5. ____ 264 BCE-146 BCE d. Rome is founded
6. ____ 58-51 BCE e. Rome sets up Republic
7. ____ 44 BCE f. Roman Empire reaches height of its power
8. ____ 27 BCE g. Augustus takes control of Rome
9. ____ 200 CE h. Julius Caesar assassinated.

10. Describe two reasons for why the Roman Empire split into eastern and western parts.

Match the city with its importance to the Byzantine Empire
11. ____ Antioch a. government center of Italian territory
12. ____ Alexandria b. capital of Sicily
13. ____ Ravenna c. religious center
14. ____ Syracuse d. government center or Eastern territory

List the places that the following empires controlled.
15. The Persian empire controlled...

16. The Roman Empire controlled...

17. The Byzantine Empire controlled...

18. The Ottoman Empire controlled...

Lesson 1.02 Monotheistic Religions

Fill in this chart using terms from the word bank

| |Judaism |Christianity |Islam |

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