Study Guide - 1920's

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1920’s Study Guide
1.Red Scare
Eugene Debs
-Socialist leader
Palmer Raids
-US Attorney General Mitchell Palmer
-Hunted down communists, socialists, and anarchists (People who opposed any form of gov’t) -Many foreigners deported
-Trampled civil rights
Mail Bombings
-Many bombs were mailed to gov’t and business leaders
-Public became fearful of Communism taking over
-Led to Palmer Raids
Sacco & Vanzetti
-Italian immigrants and anarchists
-Arrested for robbery and murder in Braintree, MA
-Evidence against them weak
-Judge found them guilty, executed
-Many believed judge was prejudiced against radicals and immigrants 2.KKK
-Used anti-communism to harass other groups unlike themselves -Fell during WWI because not enough support
-Devoted to “Americanism”
-Opposed blacks, unions, Roman Catholics, Jews, and foreigners ➢Fall
-Criminal activity
-Great Depression
3.Immigration Acts
Emergency Quota Act (1921)
-Established max. amount of ppl entering US from each country -Goal to cut European immigration to US
National Origins Act (1924)
-Amendment of EQA
-Limited immigration from each EU nation to 2% of its nationals living in US in 1890 -Discriminated against eastern/western EU nations who only started coming to US after 1890 -Prohibited Japanese

-Didn’t apply to Western hemisphere immigrants (i.e. Mexican, Canadian) CONSERVATISM
4.Scopes “Monkey” Trial
Clarence Darrow
-Lawyer hired by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to defend John Scopes ➢Charles Darwin
-Developed theory of evolution
William Jennings Bryan
-Special prosecutor in case
5.National Heroes
Babe Ruth
-Baseball player
-NY Yankees
-Set new home run records
Charles Lindbergh
-First solo-nonstop flight across the Atlantic
-US idol
6.Harding Administration
Ohio Gang
-Corrupt cabinet of Harding
Teapot Dome Scandal
-US Navy Secretary of Interior Albert Fall
-Used bribery to get public oil reserves transferred to Interior Dpmt. -Secretly leased land and got money
-First American to be convicted of crime while in cabinet
Andrew Mellon
-Very wealthy
-Secretary of Treasury
-Cut taxes and reduced national debt ☺
Charles Forbes
-Head of Veterans Bureau (under Harding)
-Illegally sold gov’t and hospital supplies to private companies 7.Prohibition:
Prohibiting manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol ➢Temperance Movement
-Social movement urging reduce/prohibit use of alcoholics
Al Capone
-Famous bootlegger in Chicago
-Control in liquor business by killing off competition
-Only got arrested for tax evasion
-Liquor smugglers
-Profited from Prohibition
-Hidden night clubs where alcohol was smuggled
-Spoke quietly (“easily”) to avoid detection
-Mix of middle class people
18th Amendment
-No law enforcement
-Established disrespect of the law and increased organized crime ➢Volstead Act
-Established Prohibition Bureau in the Treasury Department (1919) -Job was to enforce law, but underfunded
8.Labor Unions
Communist Connection
-Employers wanted to show that unions were planning a revolution because they didn’t like strikes -Labeled strikers as Communists
-Most unions excluded African Americans
-Farmers who migrated to cities for jobs were used to being independent

9.Lost Generation
Ernest Hemingway
-Criticized glorification of war
-The Sun Also Rises & A Farewell to Arms
-Introduced tough, simplified writing style
F. Scott Fitzgerald
-Used “Jazz Age” to describe 20’s
-This Side of Paradise, The Great Gatsby
-Revealed negative side of decade (gilded)
10.Harlem Renaissance
Louis Armstrong
-Jazz musician & composer
-Trumpet player
Billy Sunday
-Against alcohol
-Evils of drinking
Duke Ellington
-Jazz pianist and composer
-One of US’s greatest composers
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