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Topics: Biology, Species, Life / Pages: 38 (9362 words) / Published: Apr 4th, 2013
Biology : Uniformity and Diversity

Study Guide #1 for (October 2007 Presentation)
Dr. Rex Sharman, designer ETPU OUHK
Professor K. C. Ho, course team leader
Maggie Wong Course Coordinator of S204

Section #


Introduction : how S204 will fit into Environmental
Studies at the Open University of Hong Kong


Themes and aims : core concepts and objectives of S204


Course organization and philosophy


Scope of Study Guide #1


Books : Supplied and to purchase


Laboratories and Day Schools


Student support : tutorials, surgeries, electronic


CD-ROMs and videos



10. Academic schedule / timetable
11. Study skills

Reading and note making

How to make your own summaries

Scientific writing and Investigation Reports

Referencing and acknowledging : avoiding plagiarism

How to use your glossary

12. Study guide for Book 1
13. Study guide for your purchased (setbook)
14. Study guide for Book 2
15. Where next : looking ahead



It is most important that you study this Guide before your start work on your textbooks.
This OUHK Guide has been strongly modified from the OUUK material to suit OUHK needs.
S204 is a very big course and without this Guide you will almost certainly get lost in far too much detail.

Please use the Guide as your course companion.

It is better to look upon the

seven (yes 7!) textbooks that go with S204 as a resource rather than a course.

Let me

emphasize most strongly at the start, that you, as a student of Biology Uniformity and
Diversity, do NOT need to remember the contents of 7 textbooks!!

Such a task would not

teach you biology.
It is the aim and function of this Guide to take you on a conducted tour of modern biology.
The tour is a planned visit to the landscapes of biological science.

From this guided tour you

will gain knowledge and, most

References: Fig X (in your work) was based on / modified from Fig 1.19 p.26 in Book 1 S204 Introducing Biodiversity by Ridge & Pound (2001).

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