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Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Industrial engineering Pages: 15 (2320 words) Published: November 4, 2012

Chapter 1 QUIZ

1) Which of the following is NOT one of the processes included in operations management? o Finance

2) Structural operations management decisions include:
o Capacity, facilities, and technology

3) Physical goods can be differentiated from services in the operations management process by: o Longer lead times and they can be inventoried

4) Which of the following functions would not have to think about “processes”? o Logistics management
o Production management
o Supply management
o Accounting
o All listed functions must think about “processes”- correct answer

5) Which of the following statements about operations management processes is NOT TRUE? o Outputs of operations management processes are always tangible goods

6) While there is overlap between operations management and supply chain management, the two are different in that: o Operations management focuses on processes, supply chain management focuses on relationships and flows.

7) Johnson Company makes widgets, which it then sends to Smith Company. Smith Company puts the widgets in packages. Smith Company is considered by Johnson to be a: o Downstream product supplier

8) To an operations manager the "critical customer" is:
o The person who has the greatest impact on design, sales and growth opportunities for the product.

9) Which functional activities are the most related to operations management attempts to manage the flow of materials and information in a firm? o Logistics, supply, and customer management

10) Jones Manufacturing sells a part to Lear Corporation. Lear puts this part into a radio, which Lear then sells to Ford. From Ford's point of view, Jones Manufacturing is a __________ supplier. o Tier 2

Chapter 1 TEST:

1) A supply chain is a global network of organizations and activities involved in: |Designing, transforming, consuming, and disposing of goods and services. |

2) The management of processes used to design, supply, produce and deliver valuable goods and services to the customer. | |operations management |

3) The management of the movement of materials and information within, into, and out of the firm. | |logistics management |

4) A type of planning that addresses intermediate-term decisions to target aggregate product demands and to establish how operational capacities will be used to meet them. | |tactical planning |

5) Type of planning that establishes short-term priorities and schedules to guide operational resource allocations. | |operational planning |

6) Type of planning that addresses long-term...
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