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Topics: Ten Commandments, Torah, Isaac Pages: 7 (1841 words) Published: April 19, 2015
1. Abraham: patriarchal figure in Patriarchal history of Bible, covenant with God through the halving the animals. He has important dreams, preview of exodus - vision of smoking fire pot passing through animals , smoking fire pot is the deity. Binding of his son Isaac, test of faith, interpreted as allegorical sacrifice for Christianity, binding in Judaism. His legacy is meant to be Judaism through Isaac and eventually Israel.

2. Adam: First man in Primeval history of Bible, created by God and sent into Eden. Responsible for naming the animals, when he and “helper”/ Eve eat from Tree of knowledge he is banished to the West/ fall of man, loss of his knowledge of animals. Thematic in later histories in Medieval period, tried to regain the knowledge of animals. Story of his creation is a doublet

3. Allegory: interpretation of a story as representative as opposed to necessarily literally/ historically in order to serve a specific purpose – ie narrative of Binding of Isaac by Christianity where Isaac is Jesus, gives Christianity a deeper history, the reinterpretation of Exodus narratives.

4. Ammon & Moab: Children resulting from incest between Lot and his daughters and destruction of Sodom and Gamorrah. Lot’s daughters think they are repopulating the human race.

Ark of the Covenant : contains tablets, aaron high priest's staff, manna, ark of covenant slew statue of thagon "Philistia" tumors, ekron, carcineogenic furniture? Lays waste to mountains? David carries ark into Jerusalem, large box? Moving from wilderness to promised land.

Conquest narratives in joshua led support to the domination of native people

5. Augustine early church father, “church as ark” literature about Catholicism,

6. Baptism act of cleansing, John, water, Jesus

7. Bible Moralisée, “Lot’s Family” (13th century illuminated manuscript) – / Christian retelling of Sodom and Gamorrah, Christians leaving by way of Lot, wife as pillar of salt, birth of daughters of lot/ Christian reimagining of Sacrifice of Isaac as being the crucifixion of Christ, one image over other, you see isaac carrying cross

8. Binding/‘Sacrifice’ of Isaac: Test of faith vs. Christian allegory of the sacrifice of Christ

9. Canaanites: people of Canaan, promised to Abraham eventually fulfilled when given to Israel by God. The Canaanites are driven out of their land in the book of Joshua. Portrayed as heathen like people

10. Christ messiah of the Christians, died and risen for sins, new testament

Comedy vs. Tragedy shakespearian categorization of plays, tragedy ends in death, comedy with marriage. • Comic U-shape structure: situation presented developed, darkened, shift in plot, moves toward "happy ending" • Comic story: Joseph (Genesis 37-50) begins as Jacob's favorite child, sold into slavery, Egyptian prison, ability to interpret dreams; rises to power second to pharaoh, family reunited in Egypt. • Tragedy: Samson (Judges 13-16) miraculous birth and super human strength, tragic flaw- reveals source of strength to Delilah, dies weak and blind topping Philistine temple on self and victims

Concupiscence (Lust) –description of Lot’s daughters when they choose to seduce Lot to save humanity. • Lust entered the garden with the fall • Lust led to bondage of will
• Lust for power, not just sexual
• Before the fall, lust didn't "move members" humans had control over sexual organs

Lot complex’ / importance of story as lens
Conquest Narratives- Joseph leads the Israelites on a conquest to Canaan after Moses leads the Israelites on a conquest out of Egypt

Copenhagen School: -Copenhagen school, much of bible written in Persian period, much later late, post-Babylon. Israel not as social entity before 6th century BCE, Torah elite group of scribes,  
**Elite scribes/ priests probably based on older sources, ie documentary based on older texts, why we see duplication of stories, trying to organize series of different stories, single narrative...
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