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Topics: Culture, Personality psychology, Adaptation Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: November 17, 2012
In present age of globalization, staffs are often sended abroad and a growing number of people choose to live and work oversea. However, living in a strange cultural environment brings not only some novelty, but also some pressure. This is because different culture means a certain distinction of lifestyle and thinking pattern, which may bring difficulty and pressure to people. In order to explore the process of culture shock, Tange carried out some research and issued an article "In a cultural No Man`s Land - or, how long does culture shock last?" in 2005. However, I could not totally agree with the view of the article. The purpose of this paper is to give my view of acculturation that partly agree and disagree with Tange. The essay is divided into two sections. The first section describes my agreement while the second section illustrates my disagreement with Tange.

Immigrants adapt to environment more actively than sojourners When introducing the type of people interviewed, Tange said that immigrants often try harder to adapt to society and be more active than sojourners. I agree with this issue. The social adaptation of immigrants or sojourners immigrating to a new city depends on many factors. These factors could be demonstrated as follow: With regards to motivation of immigration,the intention of immigrants moving into cities is more specific than sojourners’. Hence, it is easier for immigrants to adapt to new environment. On the other hand, most sojourners do not integrate into the society actively because of the thought of temporary residence. As Immigrants have a clear goal of staying in the cities, they initiatively establish their social network and get a higher level of social adaptation. In terms of residence time, the longer residence period contributes to adapting to the culture, and vice versa. Since immigrants live in the cities long-term, they have enough time to understand and adapt to the lifestyle of local area. In addition, an...
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