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Studying Abroad in United States is better than Studying in Ecuador.
Education is a very important issue in life because it determines every aspect of one’s future. Studying makes you smarter, wiser, more mature, and competitive. This is why it is essential that the level of education one receives should be challenging. The better education one obtains, the more opportunity to success one has. Education influences your social values, norms, forms you to be a future leader and also allows social interaction. Social class also is a big determinant when we are talking about the type of education one is able to receive now days, we live in a very competitive world, that’s why most people, especially the young ones, are looking forward to obtaining the highest level of education they can get and afford. The atmosphere or place where a person studies also influences a lot. As many people know, Ecuador is a developing, third world country. This means that its education level is inferior than the tutelage received in other countries that are more developed, such as in United States. Many Ecuadorians are opting to begin their college studies in the United States because of the many advantages, opportunities, experiences, and international relationships that studying at an American university offers.

First of all the advantages of studying in the USA is that one will get a higher level of education than the Ecuadorian people that are studying in local universities. Also that all the knowledge learnt in the US, someday in the future those people who studied in America will apply all their knowledge to future work in Ecuador. Certain areas of study and research such as Business have developed a great deal in the US while in Ecuador they are just beginning. Both for the student and for our country it is very important to have people with the know-how especially in areas like the one mentioned. These experiences help the country develop areas through Ecuadorian experts who have studied abroad.

The text “ Doctor Faustus” can be related with this theme. Ecuadorian student must sacrifice some issues in order to go and obtain more knowledge in another country where education is more developed. Studying abroad involves leaving your home, your primary groups, the first spoken language, behavior and manners. It also exists a certain pressure that makes people doubt if it is a good decision to leave or not the country. Similar to what Christopher Marlowe illustrated in his text. The constant pressure from the good angel and evil angel.

A notable characteristic of Ecuadorian citizen is that they are very attached and linked to the family. This could be also an obstacle for students to go to United States. In the reading “ Family Supper”, one of the main characters, the father, was having a hard time because he was feeling alone, her wife died, and his children were grown up and studying abroad. We can notice the loneliness of the father in the following quote from the essay: “ Obviously you don’t see how it is for some parents. Not only must they lose their children, they must lose them to things they don’t understand”. The same happens in a Ecuadorian society. It is a very affective nation where family places an important position in life and it is very valuable. This doesn’t happen too much in the U.S. Most young people are more independent and the way American people have been raised is totally different. In the reading “Primary Groups” Cooley made emphasis of this as a reality in the U.S society by the following quote: “In our own life the intimacy of the neighborhood has been broken by the growth of an intricate mesh of wider contacts which leaves us strangers to people in the same house.” The values and importance of a family for American people differ from the people from Ecuador

On the other hand the advantages of being “away from home” for a temporal period must bring up several advantages in a person’s future....
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