Study Aboard. Should or Should Not?

Topics: Education, Student, Study abroad Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Nowadays, studying abroad has become a trend to many students. As a Vietnamese student, I think it has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, If I have any oppotunities, I would like to study abroad. It is the best way to broaden my knowlege and achieve the neccessary skills for a better future, eventhough it may have some disadvantages. First of all, foreign education certainly brings students many benefits. When studying abroad, students have oppotunities to approach the foreign educational system which is much better and more different than the domestic education. In fact, many developed countries such as USA, Australia and Britain can offer a nearly perfect educational program with their qualified and professional teachers.Therefore, students who graduated from such universities will be issued very valuable certificates which can be accepted internationally. Moreover, in this "international environment", oversea students must make effort to keep pace with their international friends. Therefore, this is also the good environment for them to practise and improve their English so that they can use English fluently.

The second benefit, I think, oversea students not only broaden their knowlegle during their courses but also have more oppotunities to exchange with other cultures from all over the world.Meeting and studying together with international friends give them so many useful experiences. Besides, oversea education may enable students to be more independent when they experience the life themselves. It gives them a lots of lessons of life! However, beside many benefits, there are also many disadvantages for foreign students. It may be the language barrier.The students may have difficuties in comunication with other people.It is really difficult for students who are not good at foreign language, esspecially English. Moreover, the foreign education fee is not certainly cheap as many student expect. It is really a problenm for almost poor students in...
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