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John Galsworthy life and his Most Important
Works and themes

Rasha Jbarah

Supervised By:
Dr. Ra’ed Al Hammouri

Department of English language and Literature
Jadara University
May, 2013


English novelist and playwright, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932. Galsworthy became known for his portrayal of the British upper middle class and for his social satire. His most famous work is The Forsyte Saga (1906-1921), an English parallel to Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks (1901). Galsworthy was a representative of the literary tradition, which has regarded the novel as an instrument of social debate. He believed that it was the duty of an artist to examine a problem, but not to provide a solution. Before starting his career as a writer, Galsworthy read widely the works of Kipling, Zola, Turgenev, Tolstoy, and Flaubert.

His Life:

John Galsworthy was born in1867 at Kingston Hill, Surrey, England into an upper-middle-class family. Galsworthy studied law Harrow and New College, Oxford. John Galsworthy was studying law, continuing family tradition. However, he was not keen to begin practising law. His literary career began when he married Ada Nemesis Pearson Cooper, because she saw that he has a talent and encouraged him to work for literature (Ibid, 215). There is one more person, who had big influence on John Galsworthy’s literary works, that is, Joseph Conrad. Once he planned to write a study of warm-blooded horses. Galsworthy's favorite authors were Thackeray, Dickens, and Melville, his favourite composer was Beethoven.

His important works:
The Forsyte Saga, Villa Rubein, Saint's Progress, Five Tales, The Island Pharisees, The Country House, Fraternity, The Patrician, The Burning Spear The Dark Flower,The Freelands, Beyond and finally Tatterdemalion.

THE FIRST SERIES:| The Silver Box| Joy| Strife|
THE SECOND SERIES:| The Eldest Son| Little Dream| Justice| THE THIRD SERIES:| The...
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