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Hard Rock Cafe Lets Customers “Touch” Memorabilia
Case Study: Hard Rock Cafe

Interactive multi-touch displays bring the restaurant chain’s massive collection to patrons’ fingertips. Hard Rock Cafe is known around the world for its exhaustive and authentic Rock ‘n Roll memorabilia collection, consisting of more than 70,000 pieces including instruments, clothing, lyrics and other celebrity items that rotate among its 163 cafés and hotels. Hard Rock was looking for a way to increase sales, loyalty, and branding and at the same time deliver a unique customer experience around the collection. Until recently, most of the memorabilia has been locked up where it was difficult to share with customers, many of whom are music enthusiasts.

Hard Rock Cafe Lets Customers “Touch” Memorabilia Case Study: Hard Rock Cafe

“...everyone who sees it raves about it.”

Hoping to deliver a new, digital experience to customers, Hard Rock embarked on a journey to digitize those valuable pieces in 2008. With the help of San Francisco interactive design agency Obscura Digital, the company installed an 18-foot long multi-touch “RockWall” in its flagship cafés in Las Vegas, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Obscura Digital had already been involved in a similar project: a 16x9 foot display commissioned by HewlettPackard, which debuted at the All Things Digital conference in 2005.

The massive four-foot high RockWall multi-touch displays that Obscura built for Hard Rock allow visitors, for the first time, to view thousands of memorabilia items on a high-resolution interactive screen—instead of peering at a small number of items behind glass cases. This lets visitors experience a great deal more of the collection, and in a much more intuitive, detailed and larger-than-life way.

Multiple customers can simultaneously use their hands to search for, navigate and read about imagery and video footage of the items on display. The RockWall in Las Vegas, which in 2010 received an award from...
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