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Cambridge Pre-U Teacher Guide Cambridge International Level 3 Pre-U Certificate in BIOLOGY Available for teaching from September 2011

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Cambridge Pre-U Teacher Guide

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Cambridge Pre-U Teacher Guide

Cambridge International Level 3 Pre-U Certificate

Biology 9790
Page Introduction Suggested Order of Teaching Notes on the Curriculum Content Appendix 1: Practical Assessment Appendix 2: Textbooks and IT Resources Appendix 3: Mathematical Requirements Appendix 4: Some Suppliers 4 5 11 86 104 109 112

“You may have been persuaded to study biology because of current environmental problems, or because of a desire to know more about the mechanisms of your own body, or an interest in genetic engineering, or a career in medicine – in short, because it is relevant…But above all other considerations, study biology because it is irrelevant – study it for its own sake, like art and music and literature…” Helena Curtis


Cambridge Pre-U Teacher Guide

This teacher guide has been written as support material for the Cambridge Pre-U Biology course. The aim has been to give an indication of the depth of knowledge required by this syllabus and to suggest possible examples that could be introduced in the classroom. Some teaching schemes have been included as well as guidance on some useful resources such as textbooks and websites. In no way does this guide tell teachers ‘how to teach’ the subject and it is not intended as a replacement for a textbook. In most cases the depth of knowledge required is exactly the same as that found in most textbooks aimed at A Level students. The notes section of this guide may refer to students having a ‘good level of understanding of this topic’. This in effect means the level expected from any good A Level textbook. Some areas may be less familiar to teachers or are areas not traditionally found in A Level texts. These are described in more detail with an indication of the depth required and possible examples. Unless stated in the syllabus, these examples are not exclusive and alternatives can of course be used. Each Section of the syllabus is presented with the following features: • • • • • the main topics in the section a series of leading questions to introduce each of the five major topics in the syllabus useful search terms for each subsection that may prove useful for teachers and students when carrying out research on the internet comments for each of the learning outcomes and also for each of the practical learning outcomes extension topics as suggestions for students to use in preparation for the essay in Paper 2

The learning outcomes represent the syllabus that will be examined. Students who wish to gain Distinction at Cambridge Pre-U Biology will be expected to show evidence of wider reading and research. The extension topics are included to offer some ideas of the directions that they might take, but they are suggestions and should not be seen as prescriptive. Similarly, such students are expected to further their study of practical biology beyond the limits set by the practical learning outcomes. They may wish to carry out their own research in the form of a long-term practical investigation. Biology may well become the focus of an extended project or an Individual Research Report. For continued guidance, teachers should refer to the Principal Examiner Reports that are published after each examination session. Support and guidance are available on...
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