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Road Transportation of Bangladesh: A perspective Study of Leading Bus Companies

Overview of this study
Road transportation is the most flexible means for transporting human, goods and services of Bangladesh. Within four media of transportation, that is, road transport, railway transport, water transport and air transport, road transport comprise about 80% of total transportation and it carries around 160 millions of passenger excluding other commodities annually ( The world Bank, 2010). Bangladesh contains a total of about 204,022 km of highways where about 25,095 km are paved road (BRTC, 2012). Most of the roads are led by both intra-district and inter districts road transportation. Major portion of this transportation is run by bus. Our current study is about inter-district transportation which is lead and governed from Dhaka, mostly, the capital city of Bangladesh. This is because Dhaka is the center of all activities, such as, administrative, economic, cultural and so on. The bus stoppages, within Dhaka city, are Sayedabad, Fakirapul, Gaptoli and Mohakhali, mainly. Around 50 bus companies are serving through various routs of Bangladesh, where S. Alam Paribahan, Hanif Enterprize, Saudia Paribahan, Shohag Paribahan, Greenline, shayamoli Paribahan, SilkLine, Unique Paribahan etc. are the main bus leaders of the country are the main leaders in this service (, 2012). Moreover, Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) also maintains a countrywide bus network (International bus services have also included recently) throughout the country.

Data are being collected from both primary and secondary sources. Secondary data were collected from various websites. Primary data were collected by both field investigation and telephone interviews from their officials.

Transport routes and frequencies: From leading bus enterprises perspective

S. Alam Paribahan
It is one of the leading bus authorities of Bangladesh. It serves in...
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