Students Using Electronics in Class

Topics: High school, Mobile phone, Laptop Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 14, 2012
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Taylor Loy
Ms. Brunyansky
College Comp I
15 September 2012
In, “Schools embracing, not banning electronic devices”, Lisa Reicosky shows readers that the “B.Y.O.D” program that is spreading to schools around the Canton area may not be the smartest idea to hit local high schools. The article that appeared in “Canton Rep” on August 15, 2012 explained the several benefits of this “Bring your own device” program that allows students to use laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc., in the classroom for strictly learning purposes only. Along with the program comes many trials and tribulations. The “B.Y.O.D” program may stick to the everyday lives of high school students, or it may not.

Through out the course of the article, the author did a phenomenal job of supporting her ideas. She not only went into great depth of the pilot program, but she also used a variety of quotes and facts from local high school staff and students. The article helped inform readers of the program and to help them better understand it. At the same time the columnist seemed to be rather reasonable. She viewed the subject on both ends of the spectrum and gave various details of the program to show readers what it was truly about. There were not traces of her being bias towards the topic of discussion. She played a middle role and simply gave the facts. I found the article informative and it helped me better understand the pilot program and what it is trying to achieve with high school students.

Loy 2

While reading the article, I did not notice any attacks on others, or any overgeneralizations. The author was very cautious of saying any negative words towards the schools program and kept her words to herself. The style and tone of the article are what made the it informative and professional.

I disagree with the contents of the article for numerous reasons. One being the fact that not every student can be trusted to be using his or hers smart phones, tablets or laptops for...
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