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As a student, I used to wonder why the graduation speeches are called commencement speeches. After working very hard and earning the graduation, the feeling we had was that it’s finally over. So what’s this commencement all about? But the word is used at the right place since you are now going to be commencing your careers. While most of you will start your corporate life, some of you may choose to chart your own path and start as an entrepreneur. Today, you will be entering the corporate world or market that is slightly different than when I entered it around 17 years back. To some, this time-span may sound short. For some, it will sound like a generation gap. And for those who think it’s a generation gap, I’m with you on that. The pace at which the world is changing around us, it is not difficult to understand that if we don’t keep pace with the change, we will be obsolete. Unfortunately, many of you will face a lot more challenges in the corporate world today than your earlier generation did. I intend to touch upon these aspects today. Today, we are living in an exponential world!

Many of you must have watched the videos on YouTube. For those who haven’t, let me give you a glimpse of it so that you will have an idea about the pace of life in which we live today: · Every second, as we speak, 5 iPhones are purchased worldwide. · 5000 YouTube videos are watched and 50,000 Facebook posts are made. · Similarly there are astonishing number of babies born in India and China per second!

Google published the statistics on number of searches. In 2007, it was at the rate of 2.7 Billion per month and in 2010, it had already crossed 31 Billion. Over 10 fold growth in merely 3 years! I wonder if people have so many questions, where those questions were directed before Google. So you may ask: what’s the significance of these numbers?

It’s all about how our world is changing and how the market is responding to it. How companies are...
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