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Topics: House, University, Boarding house Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: February 24, 2014
Factors Affecting the CPU-AT Students’ Preference in choosing Boarding Houses/Dormitories. In today’s academic society, students aim for higher degree of education to improve their respective socio-economic status and of their society as a whole. As they enter colleges, it is given that some, if not most, are away from their homes. As a result, students tend to seek for temporary residences such as dormitories or boarding houses for their own learning comfort. The dilemma of this situation is on how customers choose boarding houses and dormitories preferable to their lifestyle. It has become apparent that students distant from their hometown and families, when coming to the urban to study usually rented boarding houses/dormitories that pay for monthly rates. This helps them maximize their time in doing school work instead of traveling for long hours. Travelling drains enough energy for the body to access the state of rest which will be an inconvenience if you have a lot work to be accomplished for. Thus, boarding houses are not surprisingly located near school campuses. The reason is economic. This is because students want to save time and transportation fare. As students grew exponentially in number, there is more demand on room and boarding facilities that result to unmatched rise of demand. In catering services to customers, owners should always think of how they can provide maximum satisfaction. It is important to be sensitive of the individual concerns of each lessee to be able to support them from their essential needs. Respective lessor shall always provide basic necessities available at a favorable time; curfew, maintenance of tangibles, cleanliness and security must always take into consideration. This study aimed to discover the customer preferences of Central Philippine University Accounting Technology students on the manner of how they choose boarding houses/dormitories. Though this matter, boarding house/dormitory owners might be aware of the...
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