Students Should Wear Uniform

Topics: Dress code, Education, Uniform Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Students Should Wear Uniform

Attention Getter: how many people against to wear school uniform? Well this is the chance to change the mind. According to school Uniform Awesome or Awful author states that “Many experts insist that uniforms improve learning. Make schools safer, and even help students feel happier. It's no wonder that the number of schools requiring uniforms is growing (Tarshis 2011)

Motivation: Uniform could not only to stop children to compare each other’s but also helped to decrees teen crime and help them to focus on study.
Credibility: When I immigrant, I was happy I don’t have to wear the uniform. After two month I was tired of my life without the uniform, because I have to wake up early to prepare myself. As the result, it gave me a negative influence on my learning ability and I would start to judge others. The past experience taught me every school should keep the uniform.

Purpose: Students should wear the uniform, because it would give student positive attitude toward the school that “School is not the place for fashion, is the place for learning” Preview:
-Give my own experience and why I am support to wear uniform
-Why the uniform is is the benefit for students to wear it A. decrease the coast and judgment
B. school safety
C. save more time
Transition [ We could dicuess more about what is the benefict for students to wear uniform] Body
I .Decrease the coast that students want more clothes and Judgment
A. When students wearing uniform they don’t have to worry about how others would judge them by the way they dress.
B It is a bene fit for none wealthy family to avoid more coasts on the expensive clothes. Teenagers are more easily to judge others, and wearing uniform could keep away from the problems
C. According to the article “ Why the United Kingdom Can teach the United States About School Uniform the author mention “When I’ve asked students why they still wear their uniform, they say they...
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