Students Should Not Be Allowed to Wear Religious Symbols

Topics: Education, Religion, Symbol Pages: 1 (399 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Topic: Students should not be allowed to wear religious symbols Wearing religious symbols among the students nowadays is one of the most discussed topics in many schools across the countries and is currently battling over whether or not religious symbols should be allowed in schools. This issue is getting a lot of people up in arms. Some say there should not be the slightest hint or religion within the school system, while others feel that not allowing it is stifling the freedom of the students. According to me the student shouldn’t be allowed to wear religious symbols. Firstly, as we know that in one school or any educational institution we can find different students from different religions, surely that creates a kind of racism and separation among them because the students are not that much mature to understand their diversity . Some schools allow wearing religious symbol for some students because they have the same religion as the responsibles have, but not for others, which is certainly seems wrong. On the other hand it also make problem for administration of a school that which religion should be allowed. Why do I think that religious symbols shouldn’t be allowed? It's very simple; kids have enough things to deal with in school. They have their studies, difficulty with teachers, bullying due to race, gender, size, age, intellect, clothing choices, economic background... and the list goes on. Bringing religious symbols is only going to create another thing for children to be worried about. As to the issue of stifling personal expression, this is something that children are going to have to learn sooner or later anyway. As we grow up we find that there are times and places in which certain things are appropriate or inappropriate. A school is much like a workplace, and workplaces often disallow anything that might detract an employee from work or cause them strife with other workers. Children will have plenty of times and...
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