Students on Relationship

Topics: Subang Jaya, Sex, Marriage Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: June 11, 2013

Group(6) Member :Yeo Kian Seng SCSJ-0012635
Loh Yee WeiSCSJ-0013903
Loh Chin HernSCSJ-0010996
Subject:Principles of Sociology (SOC 110) Spring 2013
Lecturer:Ms. Jaime

Experiment: College Students on Courtship
Research Question: My group wanted to study college students’ view on courtship. There will be two case studies – boys and girls,
each gender’s view on the subject.
Research Method: A booth was setup at 10th floor Segi College Subang Jaya to give out questionnaires and a place for students to write pick-up lines. The purpose of questionnaire was to collect the statistical data on student’s opinion on relationship and while the pick-up lines writing is a fun activity that draws student’s attention. After 2 hours, the booth was closed down. We went around the campus to look for students who are willing to accept our interviews about relationship, the interviews were recorded both in individual interview setting and group interview setting. Result: 40 questionnaires were given out and 36 were returned. 18 males and females, all of them are college student in Segi Subang Jaya. During the course of finding our interviewees, many rejected to help us because of the recording. It is fine for them to accept our interview but they refused to be recorded down. The respondents for questionnaire are tentative as there are many who change their choices on the questionnaire. Few points can be summarized from our research, majority of the respondents think that marriage is important and acknowledging parents is definite act. Financial ability also stands as an important aspect during a relationship, because majority of the respondents think that they should be able to earn money first before getting into a relationship.

Male College Students
* 10 out of 18 see...
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