Students Diversity and Teaching Practices

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International Online Journal of Educational Sciences, 2010, 2 (2), 339-361

Teaching Practice: Problems and Issues in Pakistan

Aijaz Ahmed GUJJAR1, Bushra NAOREEN2, Saifullah SAIFI3 and Muhammad Jamil BAJWA4 Abstract Teaching practice is the most important part of teacher training programme. It should be the central pivot of the professional training. Good and effective teaching is an achievable art, but hard work, patience and struggle is needed for it. Teaching practice is the practical aspect of teacher training and it is an assortment of factual and dramatic characteristics. During the teaching practice student teachers find an opportunity to use the acquired knowledge, especially in the areas of psychology, teaching methods, teaching principles and teaching techniques. During teaching practice student teachers are like apprentices to acquire skills. Teaching practice is a valuable opportunity, where student teachers are in a position to increase their knowledge, do experiments on the basis of acquired knowledge and to solve the problems related to teaching. Student teachers which are on teaching practice, if they are aware about their lacking experience and need of more learning, as well as willing to learn and gain, then they can learn practically much more from experienced teachers and teacher educators. During teaching practice, it is not only that they have opportunity of teaching but they also have the opportunity to observe inside and outside of the classroom. In this connection data was collected from 650 student/prospective teachers who have completed their teaching practice and it was found that in Pakistan teaching practice is not taken seriously and many interesting findings were found in this regard. Key Words: teaching practice, problems, issues, Pakistan

Introduction Practice teaching occupies a key position in the programme of teacher education. It is a culminating experience in teacher preparation. It provides opportunity to beginning teachers to become socialized into the profession (Furlong, 1988). Performance during practice teaching provides some basis for predicting the future success of the teacher. Outgoing popularity and centrality of practice teaching is an important contributing factor towards the quality of teacher education programme. During practice teaching working with students in schools provides a high degree of emotional involvement mostly of a 1Federal 2

College of Education H-9, Islamabad, Pakisatn, G C University, Faisalabad,Pakistan 3The niversity of Gujrat, Pakistan 4Federal College of Education H-9, Islamabad, Pakisatn

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Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar, Bushra Naoreen Saifullah SAIFI & Muhammad Jamil Bajwa

positive nature. Student teachers feel themselves grow through experience and they begin to link to a culture of teaching. During practice teaching, they feel engaged, challenged and even empowered (Trowbridge and Bybee, 1994; sharafuddin, and Allison, 1969). Definitions of Teaching Practice A number of terms such as the practice teaching, student teaching, teaching practice, field studies, infield experience, school based experience or internship are used to refer to this activity (Taneja, 2000). The term practice teaching embraces all the learning experiences of student teachers in schools (Ashraf, 1999). The term practice teaching has three major connotations: the practicing of teaching skills and acquisition of the role of a teacher; the whole range of experiences that students go through in schools; and the practical aspects of the course as distinct from theoretical studies (Stones and Morris, 1977). Teaching practice is the name of the preparation of student teachers for teaching by practical training. It is the practical use of teaching methods, teaching strategies, teaching principles, teaching techniques and practical training and practice /...

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International Online Journal of Educational Sciences, 2010, 2(2), 339-361
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