Students at private high schools should

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,,Students at private high schools should wear uniforms.‘‘ This might have some advatages for example students won’t have chance to judge and compare people for what they wear. But well, will this show students why they shouldn’t do that? Imagine that you’re 14, you have to wear uniform and nobody explains you why. Also after school you decided to go out and you must go in your boring uniform. For lucky ones, who live near their school it’s easy. You’ll go home and change your outfit, but when you live one hour from school it’s very impractical. What’s bad too is that students can’t show their own style. So, I think students shouldn’t wear uniforms because it’s impractical, student’s can’t show their personal style and wearing them won’t give students nothing.

Firstly, it’s impractical to wear a uniform. Although there’s is option to change clothes, some students have activities after school or they just want to hang out with friends somewhere in city and they don’t have time to go home just to change clothes. Another disadvatage is that parents have to buy uniforms, of course,people who have their child at private high school have money to buy uniform. The problem is they have to buy more uniforms, otherwise it’s unhygienic and even if they buy 6 uniforms they have to wash them regularly. If uniforms are impractical for students and parents, there’s no reason to wear them. Because we can find another ways, how to solve problems with bullying for clothes.

Secondly, schools’ll deny students to express their style. This doesn’t seem important, but it really is. I know people who don’t feel as confident as they’re with nice clothes or they just feel better. Or, sometimes certain ways of dressing or styling yourself are central to a tribe you belong to. When you don’t feel comfortable you act diferently. It’s very important to not limit students in clothing because their mood also depends on what they wear. Their own style can make them feel happy and is...
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