students and part-time jobs

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Nowadays the number of university students who have a part-time job is increasing obviously. As a result, it has become one of the most important issues of students. I agree that university students should be allowed to have part-time jobs. Because students having a part-time job might be more responsible, they can earn some money for the university or college tuition. Furthermore students can get more work experiences to take up an occupation easily. These are the three reasons that I am going to explain in the following paragraphs. First of all, having a part-time job can stir students to be more responsible. Students will become more responsible to complete academics tasks and part-time job. A good case in this point is that a friend of mine who is a university student and has a job at a casino. Before he had the part-time job, he used to be forgetful that he often forgets to bring his keys. I have noticed that he becomes more punctual and responsible since he has got the part-time job. When he is working, he has to complete the tasks that he is assigned and he should obey his manager’s instructions or he will be fired, then he becomes more responsible at work. Therefore, in order to be more responsible, university students should have permission to have a part-time job. Another point is that students who have part-time jobs can earn some money for their university tuition. A college or university student usually spends at least four years to finish their major degree. the tuition that a college or university student should afford is very expensive. Although university education is very important for future life, some students have to do a part-time job to afford their expensive school fees. I believe that university students will not turn to their parents for expenses, even though their parents’ financial condition is very good. Taking a friend of mine as an example, his household financial condition is not so good. As a result, he gets some...
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