Students' Notes-Lesson 1 Qualities of an Ideal Person

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Qualities of an Ideal Person

Love for God

You can develop a strong relationship with God. God wants a personal relationship with you. He knows everything about the imperfect you and loves you just the way you are right now. Our heavenly Father is always near and waiting for you to seek Him. Below are a few tips to get you started on your loving relationship with God.

1. Say prayers to gain peace of mind that God wants to give you. Pray several times a day, when you wake up, go to bed, or whenever. Get in the habit of praying short little prayers whether you are in the car, at work, school, or the store... Remember it takes time and work to have a good relationship with anyone and God wants you to know Him.

2. Develop a relationship with God by telling Him your joys and your fears first, before anybody else. Ask God for help, before you start making plans in your head. Remember if it concerns you, it concerns God and the almighty God is powerful and wants to help you.

3. Have faith that God will answer your prayers. Be patient and ask God to help you walk in His perfect timing and ways. He knows when is best for you, even if it is not exactly how you want it, everything is in God's perfect good timing.

4. Read God's Word. Learn about the truth and guide for all of life's basic questions. Know God's love by reading His Word, which shows His amazing grace, protection and peace. Obey His commands out of love for Him, because they are there to protect you. Give God 10 to 15 minutes a day to know God more 5. Watch how God works in your life, as you find out more about Him. Put God first in your life and change for the better. Trust Him to provide and He will. Live under the freedom and grace that God gives you. 6. Thank God for everything. Love God and others with all your heart and soul. Be a little more like Him, because you are made in His image. Share the love of God with others.

Love for one’s country
Patriotism can be both a blessing and a curse. When taken to extremes that exclude respect for other nations and differing opinions, love of country can lead to war, xenophobia, distrust and hatred. True patriotism is an inspiration and a joy to fellow countrymen. It exemplifies the dignity of one worthy of love and admiration. Explore the following tips for ways to show the true love of your homeland.

1. Study up on your history. Knowing the past shows an interest that transcends rhetoric and displays a deeper longing to understand your country. Learning more about the history of your country will not only intensify your love, but also give you more leverage when debating the merits of your true feelings toward your country. 2. Support your country by paying taxes. Cheating on taxes is tantamount to stealing from your mother's purse. 3. Vote. We engage with those we love. In a country that offers a democratic government, voting is the way that citizens engage. 4. Speak well of your country when visiting other countries. Even though you may not agree with everything your leaders do, don't air your negative feelings in front of others. 5. Become involved in activities geared toward the well-being of your country. Environmental and political debates are meaningless without good works and positive action. 6. Display your flag on appropriate holidays and participate in holiday events to honor your country and those who serve her. Love for people

If you are in a relationship, whether with a family member, friend or lover, you need to learn to show that person how much you love them. The people in your life are not just going to know this about you. If you do not show them how much you love them, then they will become insecure about your relationship and, in some cases, leave

1. Understand the necessity of showing your love to someone. Some people assume that if they love another person, the other person is simply going to know this. That is not the case. Your loved ones need to be told...
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