Students’ Rights and Teachers’ Responsibility Scenario

Students Right & Teachers Responsibilities

Random locker searches without a student’s permission has become a major issue in the United States. Students have the right to place anything that they choose in their lockers. Some teachers believe that the locker that student’s use at the school is not there’s because they do not own it and that the locker belongs to the school. For this reason searches should be up to the school and not the students. “Most courts have refused to subject public school searches to strict Fourth Amendment standards” (Johnson, Musial, & Hall, 2005, Chapter 6).

As a teacher I have the right to question my students, and if I as a teacher feel that a child is doing something illegal I should inform the administration. If someone searches a student’s locker randomly they are going against their fourth amendment right. Anything on school property such as lockers, desks, bags and cars can all be searched if the school believes there is any foul play or that a crime has been committed. As a teacher I would want my students to be comfortable and understand that they could speak to me about anything that they choose. I would want to have a relationship with my students that would allow them to feel comfortable talking to me. As a teacher I would always be an advocate for my students and if I thought that there right were being taking away from them I would be the first person to stick up for them, even if it were against the school.

A student’s has rights no matter what age they are; they should feel that they have someone always there for them. Whether it is there parents, siblings or even a teacher a students should not have his or her rights infringed. Teachers have so many responsibilities that they have to uphold as teachers. I have never been involved in a situation where a teacher’s responsibilities limited the students' rights personally, but I have been a witness to an incident. When I was a freshmen in collage I...

References: Johnson, J., Musial, D., Hall, G., & Gollnick, D. (2011). Foundations of American Education: Perspectives of Education in a Changing World (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
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