Student Unrest

Topics: Education, Higher education, Teacher Pages: 7 (2083 words) Published: January 15, 2012
Higher education in India has witnessed tremendous expansion since independence. The rapid advances and diversification of communication media in recent times have not only increased access to education but have also contributed to improvement in the quality of education. Education is a continuous process of imparting knowledge, developing skills, inculcating values and promoting the overall personality development of human beings. Imparting quality education is greatly influenced by different factors viz. curriculum, faculty, and information source, teaching methods, examination systems, evaluation mechanism and infrastructure. Among all the components, faculty assumes a vital role in ensuring a quality education. Continuous enhancement and up-gradation of a conceptual knowledge, practical skills and competencies of faculties in their respective specialised subjects to ensure quality education to younger generation has become the great concern of all academic institutions across the globe.

The ongoing economic policy reforms introduced from 1991, such as industrial delicensing, Foreign direct investment, revolution in the information technology, removal of quantitative restrictions and making education globally tradable commodity have posed a severe threat to all economic activities in India in particular and across the globe in general. The needs and necessities of our society are in dynamic nature and keep on changing with the passage of time and varying perception of the society. These drastic revamps undoubtedly have put the Indian business enterprises under a constant and continuous pressure in terms of providing qualitative products at competitive prices, so as to satisfy customer’s expectations. This is turn, has put a pressure on educational institutions to provide a capable and competent personnel to business enterprises. Against this background, faculty development in educational institutions has assumed greater significance to satisfy the increasing expectations of industry and commerce.


The system of Indian higher education is the second largest in the world which fulfills the educational needs of millions of students coming from different sections of the society. There has been enormous increase in the number of colleges and universities. However, the success story of this impressive growth turns bleak when the question of quality is raised. The standards in higher education have been eroded by rising tides of mediocrity. Higher education has been finding it difficult to meet the challenges of knowledge explosion, financial crisis, and student unrest and so on. There is a widespread concern about the lack of discipline in university and college campuses. There are different forms of campus disturbances created by students which include cheating in examinations, deterioration of academic pursuit and pressure group activities. Besides number of problems faced by our country pertaining to illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and so on, in the last few years, a nationwide problem has emerged, referred to as the problem of student unrest. Almost every individual is concerned with this problem as a parent, guardian, teacher, administrator or a member of society.

Science and technological innovations are changing the lifestyle of the students. It is perhaps the craving and yearning for glamour, whether affordable or not, for that purpose, our teenagers are ready to go to any extreme in behavioural sequence. The most dominating force seems to be this love of luxuries, the love of license and laxities that give some sort of monetary thrills rather than peace of mind. There is no proper and clear communication between the teacher and the taught and that is perhaps the greatest cause of student unrest in India.


Student unrest means the participation of students in demonstrations, strikes, mass meetings, walk outs, processions, burning of libraries,...
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