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The relationship that a teacher and student share is of trust, respect and devotion. Teachers influence their students by shaping their rational and moral virtues and hence, play an important role in molding the society as a whole. The education system of ancient India and Greece shared some common characteristics. In both cultures, teachers and their disciples conglomerated at specific places earmarked for educational purposes. This is where students gained both spiritual and material education from their teachers. All ancient societies functioned according to a set of moral codes and social hierarchy and teachers were at the apex of the social system. During this time, teachers were revered and considered as equivalent to Gods. Students were completely devoted to their teachers and were willing to fulfill all the responsibilities, conferred upon them by their teachers, unflinchingly. One of the quintessential examples of student teacher relationship is that of Chanakya and Chandra-Gupta Maurya.

With the passage of time however, the ancient tradition of conglomerating at educational places ceased to exist in its original form and was replaced by more modern practices of schools, colleges and universities. However, the respect paid to teachers is still the same. even in this modern era, teachers share a close emotional attachment with their students. The ancient history of education systems is rife with several examples of great student teacher relationships such as Socrates-Plato, Plato-Aristotle etc.

It is beyond the scope of dubiety that teachers, since ages, have played a major role in the life of an individual and his/her overall upbringing. Teachers are the beacons of light that lead people to success and glory. They are the ones who recognize the talents of their students and encourage them to move further and assist them in reaching the zenith of their potential. Let us dedicate this Teacher's day to all those teachers who, through their talent, patience, wisdom and astute judgment of character, shaped the fates of many individuals who influenced the society as a whole.

Go through this section and understand the kind of relationship that many of the history's famous students and teachers shared. These great teachers and their students have influenced human philosophies and ideologies since ancient times. Read the kind of relationship these student-teacher duos shared. Certainly, it will be a great experience to learn about those great souls with an insight on how they influenced their students' lives and the whole mankind. Plato - The Wonderful Teacher

Plato was a classical Greek philosopher and mathematician. He was a student of Socrates, the founder of the Academy in Athens and a well-known Greek scholar who is renowned for his philosophies. Plato, along with Socrates, played a vital role in laying foundations of Western philosophy and science. Plato was a highly sophisticated writer and his works demonstrate this. Though the exact place and time of his birth is unknown, it is certain that he belonged to an aristocratic family. According to most of the scholars, Plato was born between 429 and 423 BC. His father, Ariston, is believed to be a descendent of the king of Athens and the king of Messenia. Plato's mother, Perictione, also belonged to an aristocratic family which boasted of close connections with the famous Athenian lawmaker and lyric poet, Solon. According to Diogenes Laërtius, biographer of Greek philosophers, Plato was named as Aristocles but, his wrestling trainer called him 'Platon', a Greek word meaning 'broad'. Plato learned grammar, music and gymnastics from the most eminent teachers of his time. He travelled to many places like Italy, Sicily, egypt and Cyrene. He returned to his hometown Athens at the age of 40 after which he founded the Academy, one of the earliest known organized schools in Western civilization. There are various speculations related to Plato's death. One version...
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