Student Survival Guide Brochure

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Personality and learning style are probably two of the greatest keys to academic success. Key’s that all students should have in their guidebook. Personality and learning style is a reflection of one’s unique individual makeup. Personality can make or break a student’s ability to be successful in the classroom. For example; if a student is pessimistic by nature and always views the cup as half empty as opposed to half full he/she will probably be two steps behind. However, if a student is more optimistic by nature and always views the cup as half full as opposed to half empty he/she stands a greater chance of achieving academic success. In addition to personality style, learning style is equally important. There are many different learning styles. Some students are visual learners, while others are auditory learners. Some students choose to utilize all of their senses in order to comprehend and retain information. A student needs to explore both personality style and learning style as it applies to that particular student. Possessing the ability to be honest with one self will help the student be able to see and better comprehend that which is unique within them. Learning styles also reflect and incorporate a student’s personality style. A student will be most successful in achieving his/her academic success if they have a basic understanding of what their learning style is and how their personality style can impact their learning style. Once a student has mastered this skill it should make the road to academic success more smooth and free of bumps and obstacles. It is my hope that each student would take the time to understand the elements that contribute to academic success. Each student is responsible and accountable for their own success story as it applies to the world of education. By following some of the guidelines outlined in this paper a student’s journey down the road of academic success should be a bit easier.

Personality and Learning Style

Managing time wisely and effectively is also a valuable tool to use when working towards achieving a degree in higher learning. Time management skills are important qualities that every student should possess. Managing time effectively involves dedication, patience, and planning. Setting and achieving goals is crucial to the academic success of a student. Most students’ prior to entering a program of higher learning have set both short term goals as well as long-term goals. A short term goal might be as simple as taking the initiative and applying to a specific college. Once accepted, a student may start to create and set long term goals. A long term goal might be to complete a Bachelor’s degree in a specific subject area while maintaining a 3.5 to 4.0 grade point average. In setting both short term and long term goals it is important to have a concept of time or a completion date as to when you might expect to achieve the goal that has been set. It is important to set a timeline when setting short term goals as often short term goals can fall by the way side. Setting a practical time frame will help short term goals be achieved more easily. For example; a student may set a short term goal of completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by three months prior to registering for classes. Keeping goals simple, attainable and concise will help a student to achieve the goal with greater ease. Writing down a goal or a plan of action will also be beneficial to a student who is striving towards meeting a goal. Having the ability to be flexible with achieving goals is another important component. Learning how to balance time wisely is an important key to being successful in the field of academia. I refer to my syllabus on a daily basis to help keep me on track. I also plan out my school week using my course calendar to help keep organized. I set aside a minimum of one to two hours daily to prepare and plan out my lessons with regards to my education. The above...
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