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Introduction Videos included on the student DVD Additional pedagogical resources that come with the book Chapter Outlines, Tips, Case Teaching Notes and Extra Cases Chapter 1 – Operations and Supply Chain Management

Internet Exercise: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Wyatt Earp – The Buffalo Hunter! (Extra Case) Chapter 2 -Strategy and Sustainability
Case: The Tao of Timbuk2 – Teaching Note
Chapter 3 – Strategic Capacity Management
Case: Shouldice Hospital – A Cut Above – Teaching Note
Chapter 4– Production Processes
Case: Designing Toshiba’s Notebook Computer Line – Teaching Note Extra Case: Manufacturing – The Great Crapshoot Chapter 5 – Service Processes
Case: Community Hospital Evening Operating Room – Teaching Note Extra Case: Chapter 6 – Quality Management and Six-sigma
Hank Kolb – Director of Quality Assurance – Teaching Note Classroom Exercise – M&M’s – Process Capability for the Halloween Packs (Extra Case) Chapter 7 – Projects
Case: Cell Phone Design – Teaching Note
Chapter 8 – Global sourcing and Procurement
Case: Pepe Jeans – Teaching Note Internet Exercise: Playing the Beer Distribution Game Over the Internet – Overview and Instructions Chapter 9 – Location, Logistics and Distribution
Case: Applichem – The Transportation Problem – Teaching Note Chapter 10 – Lean and Sustainable Supply Chains
Case: Quality Parts Company – Teaching Note Case: Value Stream Mapping – Teaching Note Case: Pro Fishing Boats – A Value Stream Mapping Exercise – Teaching Note Internet Exercise: The E-Ops Game – Instruction (Extra Case) Chapter 11 – Demand Management and Forecasting

Case: Altavox Electronics – Teaching Note
Chapter 12 – Aggregate Operations Planning
Case: Bradford Manufacturing – Planning Plant Production – Teaching Note Chapter 13 – Inventory Control
Case: Hewlett-Packard – Supplying the DeskJet Printer in Europe – Teaching Note Case: Finish Line (Extra Case) Chapter 14 – Material Requirements Planning
Case: Brunswick Motors, Inc. – An Introductory Case for MRP – Teaching note Appendix The McGraw-Hill/Irwin Video Series
Clearly, teaching Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM) can be a significant challenge. This is particularly true in a school dominated by Accounting or Finance majors. We have found that, if designed correctly, the OSCM course can easily be one of the most popular. Students like the “hands-on” orientation of the topics and can see the direct applicability of the material. The purposes of this instructor’s resource guide are twofold. First, it is designed to help in the development of an introductory OSCM course. Our second purpose is to provide some ideas for innovative ways that a particular topic can be presented. This book is the result of our research into what instructors what to teach in the core OSCM course. The title, Operations and Supply Management: The Core, reflects current interest in Supply Chain Management. The book is designed to include topics that are appropriate for an overview of Operations Management while emphasizing Supply Chain concepts. It is our view that operations management and supply chain management is an integrated topic that spans the traditional Operations Management, Purchasing and Logistics fields. Supply chain management focuses on the flows of material through the network all the way from fourth and third tier supplies all the way out to the final customer. Supply chain management seems to place less emphasis on “internal” factory operations which has traditionally been a core operations management focus (i.e. MRP and scheduling). Traditional operations management focuses on coordination from first tier suppliers, through the factory, and out to the warehouse. “n” tier 1st tier


Supply Chain Management
This book reflects the shift in interest to supply chain. We have included a chapter on...
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