Student Success

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A Study of Student Success

SOCI 311
May 7, 2013

The main focus throughout these studies was on student success and the outcome. Ways students are learning and why some students do better than others. There are many variables that can affect students. Time management, for instance, is a great example of one. Many students get to college and do not realize what they are getting themselves into. It seems like the smart and strong proceed and understand the importance of school and getting that degree. On the other hand, any students in college slack on their school work and have poor grades.

Providing students with opportunities to belong will provide the most return on investment for engagement in academic endeavors. A study by Allendoerfer, taken in July, 2012, uses mixed methods, combining surveys and focus groups to try to seek out and identify outside communities to which students feel most connected, and pathways by which these important communities influence students’ academic endeavors. The results show that across all institutions, family is the community to which students feel most connected and comfortable; friends being a distant second. “The students spoke of communities strategically, identifying needs that they meet through participation in communities and linking their participation with increased ability to engage in their academic endeavors.”(Allendoerfer) In an academic standpoint, knowing what they need to do and accomplish.

A study by Gokhan, 2012, consisted of 195 students from six public elementary schools, and they were chosen random by sampling. The purpose of this study was to investigate the correlation between the perceptions on the constructivists learning environment and academic success of elementary students in science course with structural equation modeling. “The correlative investigation model was adopted in the research. The sample of the research consisted of 195 students from six public elementary...

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