Student: Study Skills and Social Network Friend

Topics: Social network, Study skills, Homework help service Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Title : Social network is dangerous for students. Why?

1.0 Introduction
Social networking has taken the online world by storm, so we have some points that can prove the social network is dangerous for students. (Thesis Statement)

2.0 Their education would be affected if they are too obsessed with social browsing. 2.1 Students cannot divide your time well to learn and less to do things that they should do to succeed in their studies. 2.1.1 Difficult for students to review lessons they have learned 2.1.2 Their will become lack of responsibilities towards religion 2.2 Students will lose focus on their study and hard to complete their assignment. 2.2.1 They will not be bothered to do the assignment or home work. 2.2.2 They will not do well in their study

3.0 If excessive use of social network, it may be harmful to the student’s health. 3.1 Student will have problem to sleep early at night.
3.1.1 Student used their midnight to surf internet on social network which causes them to have migraine. 3.1.2 In the morning they will lose focus on their study because their body are weak. 3.2 If student spend too much time in front of the computer screen for social network they will get eye sight problem. 3.1.1 It reduces comfort to focus while studying.

3.1.2 They had to fork out money to buy glasses

4.0 Student will be less of social.
4.1 Relationship with family will become not to close.
4.1.1 They will more spend time with their social network friend than family. 4.1.2 They prefer to be alone in the room to social network
4.2Relationship with their surrounding friend at campus also will get a problem. 4.2.1Less outdoor activities with friends.
4.2.2Hard to have good relationship while doing group assignment.


6.0 Conclusion
In conclusion, there are more negative points show that the social networking is dangerous and bring disadvantages to the students in their studies, health ,...
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