Student Recruiting Plan Part 3 Competitor Analysis

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University of Nevada Las Vegas

Student Recruiting Plan

Part 3 – Competitor Analysis

Mariano Belaunde
MKT 472
Dr. Jack Schibrowsky

According to preliminary data based on primary research conducted at UNLV, its main competitors are listed as follows: COMPETITION
College of Southern Nevada
University of Nevada Reno
Direct / Intense
San Diego State University
Direct / Intense
University of California San Diego
Direct / Intense
University of California Los Angeles
Direct / Less Intense
California State University Fullerton
Direct / Less Intense
Nevada State University
Direct / Intense
University of Arizona Tucson
Direct / Less Intense

College of Southern Nevada: Although CSN doesn’t offer a wide range of four-year degrees, the plethora of two-year degrees offered, their location, and their lower cost when compared to UNLV makes them an indirect intense rival, especially for freshmen and sophomore students.

University of Nevada Reno: The main reasons for students from Las Vegas to choose UNR include in-state tuition costs, being recipients of the millennium scholarship, and getting away from family members who might reside in the Las Vegas valley, as well as climate differences.

San Diego State University: This school rivals UNLV based on the fact that it is still just a short drive away from Las Vegas, and provides students with being close to the beach and that lifestyle. It is also quite close to Mexico for those under 21 students that value partying.

University of California San Diego: In addition to offering everything San Diego State University offers students, this school also can count on the fact that it holds the distinction of being part of the UC system of schools, which might be of importance to some students.

University of California Los Angeles: UCLA continues to be one of the top business schools in the nation, as well as having an amazing sport program. The UCLA logo remains the most recognizable in the world, as well as offering over 3000 undergraduate courses including classes covering all the principle languages and dialects on earth. Despite all of these attributes, it remains a less intense rival due to the high cost of attendance versus UNLV.

California State University Fullerton: Cal State Fullerton ranks #1 in the nation in awarding bachelor’s degrees to Hispanics, as well as being just a short drive from the theme parks at Anaheim and the Orange county beaches. Still, the high cost for out-of-state students makes it a less intense rival. Nevada State University: Nevada State University is a fierce competitor of UNLV’s given its geographical location (being the only other four-year school in the valley) in addition to having a great nursing program for students interested in that field.

University of Arizona Tucson: U of A remains a competitor of UNLV when it comes to Arizona schools, ranking slightly more affordable than ASU, being in a neighboring state, and being located in the college-friendly, smaller city of Tucson, known for beautiful desert landscapes.

Touro University
Direct / Intense
University of Phoenix
Direct / Intense
DeVry University
Direct / Intense
Arizona State University
Direct / Less Intense

Touro University: One of Touro’s main advantages lies in the fact that it is a physical school (not online only) located in Henderson, which makes it easily accessible to prospective students located in the Las Vegas valley.

University of Phoenix: The combination of in-classroom and online graduate courses makes this school attractive to graduate students, as well as offering many different options to finance tuition and associated costs.

DeVry University: Another option for students that prefer a mix of in-classroom and online courses, DeVry university offers less...
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