Student Record System

Topics: Student information system, Computer, Types of educational institutions Pages: 5 (1731 words) Published: September 22, 2011
Chapter 2
Review Literature

The chapter states the different literature and studies that were conducted for the research to gain familiarity that are relevant and similar to the present study. In Executive Order No. 264, initiative in ICT was defined as the totality of electronics means of collecting, storing, processing and presenting information to end-users in support of their activities. It consists, among other computer systems, office systems and consumer electronics including the telephone system, the internet, fax machine and computers. Republic Act No. 8792, know and known as the “Electronic Commerce Act of 2001” provided for the Computerization of all government services by the year 2002. The state recognized the vital role of information and communication technology (ICT) in nation-building, the need to create an information-friendly environment which support and ensures the availability, diversity and affordability of ICT products and services, and a labor force skilled in the use of ICT and population capable of operating and utilizing electronic appliances and computers. Its obligation is to facilitate the transfer and promotion of technology, to ensure network security, connectivity and neutrality of technology for the national benefit. In addition, the Information and Electronic Commerce Council (ITECC) was created July 12, 2000 through Executive Order No. 264 through the merging of the Nation Information Technology Council (NITC) and the Electronic Commerce Promotion Council (ECPC). This aims to ensure a streamlined and focused formulation and Implementation of ICT and e-commerce policies, to enable the country to move faster and keep pace with rapid developments in Technology and complete in the global digital economy. Computerization world is more efficient one, which is the processing the big quantities of data. By the use of computers, computerization is a control system that manages the processes in a workplace. It reduces the human error and processing time, thus it provides a high quality of product to produce. This can result a well-integrated processes that can be perform faster and accurate than the manual system. The rapid spread of computer and telecommunication technologies throughout white-collar work has forced social scientists to consider the impact of these technologies on the people who use them directly and on the work force and economy as a whole. Computerization helps to support (1) Working towards making the system paperless or minimizing the paper work and to provide, (2) Give pace to the Business, (3) To create the data base for analysis (4) Fast Reporting & Queries. The use of computer are continue to grow, the need for a more timely information and data processing comes on demand keeping the records of any manual operations need the application of computer because handling it manually will only be conflicting. (Alcaria,2004) The reason for using computers varies from person to person. Some of the computers in business are to perform accuracy, to be as productivity, to decrease bottle necks or hassles to alter cash flows or to simples elevate your status. Lewis (2002). The computerization responded to the call the office or any workplace to help their daily operation. (Tinn,2001) Computers are an intelligence amplifier that can free human to use their time effectively. Because a computer is a fast and accurate electronic symbol or data manipulating system that design automatically accept and store input data process and procedure output results under the direction of the stored program or instruction. (Sander,2002) (Towsand,2005) stated that database is structured collection of data. The data may be about people, product events in short, any type of information is to manage the collection of data for reporting and making decision. Some advantages of database processing first economy of scale getting more information from some amount of data, sharing data balancing...
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