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student monitoring using fingerprint with sms alert to parents

By Lizah-Gomez Oct 11, 2013 908 Words

Nowadays, students are less motivated to attend the lecture. We know today more of the student was not going in school because of the dynamic technology. Most of parents/guardian was not able to monitor their child and schedule in the school. There are many students who tend to find really fun to skip the class and going to other places instead. Due to fast life style, parents don’t know if their children are drop at the school. School ID is the most important tool for being a students.

This idea of sending SMS will just help the parents/guardians to monitor their children but also to help our teachers too.

By using QR code of students I.D, Students are required to wear their I.D before and after entering in school. These only have to tap the QR code on the scanner then the important information will appear on the monitor, at the same time the another transactions is being process. It is sending via SMS to their parents/guardians after scanning their I.D’s to the reader just to inform them the time in and time out of students.

This system include the problem because after tapping a student QR code, that will send SMS log in or log out of each students to the mobile number of parents or guardian. To develop a computerized system that will identify the students if he/she is currently enrolled in school. The students list from the registrar are transferred in the database. Through this, the system can easily identify currently enrolled of students. Sometimes, parents do not have privileged to send their children at school or to monitor their child. Parents usually give a hundred percent of trust to their child that entering the school. But this generation some students are skipping the time of class that may cause the absences in the subject. This system gives benefits to the parents. With doing this it helps to ease worries among the parents. Parents just make sure that their children are entering the campus.

With this new implement, it can help teachers to ease the process of attendance taking . By using QR code the students entry or exit is recorded automatically when they pass by the scanner.

Project Context

The study entitled Student Monitoring using fingerprint with SMS alert to parent/guardian focus in monitoring the students in going in or out of the school through the use of computer and cell phone.. This could probably become a preventive measure to minimize kidnapping of students. This will also resolve the problems from addictive to billiards, internet gaming, internet café and to skipping of classes of the students.

When the students entered the school he/she will swipe the I.D in the Qr code to verify in the database. When done the SMS sends a message to the cell phone of their parents who registered in the program. There is a specific message that will be sending to the number it defend on the status of the student in or out.

When a parent wants to know his/her child entered or has exited the school, he or she can send a message to the computer then automatically reply the status of the students.

In the 1960’s when Japan entered its high economic growth period, supermarket selling a wide range of commodities from foodstuff to clothing began to spring up in many neighborhoods. In 1994 Denso Wave announced the release of its QR code. The QR code in the name stands for quick responds, expressing the development concept for the code, whose focus was the placed on high speed reading.

Hara one of the most original developers of these of the code could not be sure whether it would actually be accepted as a two-dimensional code to replace bar codes. He had confidence in the performance of the code and was eager to make the rounds of companies and industry organizations concerned to introduce it in the hope it would become known and used by as many people as possible.


The purpose of this system is to help our parent to monitor their children if the students is entered in the school. Also to help all teacher monitor the attendance of students to stop skip in the class. The guard helps also to maintain to secure the school to all thieves. The function of student monitoring with SMS advisory is it will give the parents the information regarding the time arrival in the departure of their children in the school.

The target of this system is all students who entered in school or campus. To disciplinary of students to provide opportunities for cooperative learning which emphasis process oriented skills and the communicative in school. The major advantage of this system in the parents is able to make a secured environment of their children so they don’t get involved in unwanted activities and waste time of their job.


The objectives of this system is to communicate the parents to their children if she/he is entered in the campus. The parents and students calling an attention in this system to make sure that the students are didn’t waste time to going in school. By this system the SMS alert to helps the parents to know if their children are entered or not.



Qr codes

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