Student migration

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Sarah Grundtmann Leidesdorff
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1Globalization has contributed to creating new opportunities and new perspectives. The world’s countries and citizens are bound together by a common destiny and this is influencing student migration. There has been a continuous increase in the number of students studying abroad. I have chosen to study the current situation of student migration and the Scottish university system. The international students studying abroad are financially beneficial as they spend money in the local economy, make minimum demands on public services and pay rent etc. However, what other prospects and concerns do the students bring with them? Taking these considerations into account, my problem statement is: Problem statement

Describe the current situation of international student migration and the tuition fees in Scotland. Discuss the economic policies that the host-country and send-off country could use in order to secure and protect them from student migration. Analyse the cultural factors that student migration brings and which prospects and concerns they pertain. Methodology

In the synopsis I will make use of the methodology of International Economics A and English A. I will use the economic theory and its concepts, especially economic policies, to determine the economic and social results of different political decisions. Furthermore, English will contribute with a cultural analysis. It will therefor be relevant for me to use Hofstede’s cultural theory, and apply it accordance with Scotland and China. The two subjects will help to get a better understanding of student migration and give the synopsis a further dept. It will also give me the opportunity to see how big cultural changes student migration brings.

The current situation of international student migration and the tuition fees in Scotland

2In regards to international students Scotland has more than 40.000 international students from 180 countries each year. In 2013 the UK government made new immigration rules, which made international students welcomer. Scotland is known for having a diverse and high education sector and 3the number of students studying in Scotland is continuously increasing. Scotland wishes to make it even more attractive for students to study and work there, which can improve competitiveness within UK. 4 When students choose to study in Scotland, they will need to consider the tuition fees before applying for a university. Nationality and resident determine the level of tuition fees. European Union undergraduate students will be eligible to have the fees paid by the Scottish government, while international students will often have higher fees and can therefor apply for a scholarship. Economic policies: In regard to student migration

As a result of limitations one must assume that the send-off country desire to keep the students once they are finished with their studies, so they can contribute to the economy and culturally. One must also assume that the send-off country will hesitate to send students abroad, or urge the international students to come back home, to contribute to their resident country with the given knowledge. Because of student migration, countries can be more exposed to foreign influences and changes in the economic environment 5i.e. if the country in which the student has studied does not benefit from it at all, and the student decides to return home, also called brain drain. It is important to...

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