Student: Marketing and New Product Development

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Syllabus BA 310


|Office: WH 207A |Office Hours: | | |MW 7:00 to 7:45 F 10:15 to 11:00 | | |And by appointment | |E-mail: |Phone: 838-8336 |

Text Book Principles of Marketing 14th edition Kotler and Armstrong Students may benefit from assistance offered through the Tutoring Center (APSC 401), including tutoring services and help with study and exam skills, and the Writing Center (APSC 301).  Any student who believes that she or he may need an accommodation for any type of disability should contact the Office of Disability Services (838-8250v/tty) in APSC 405. QUIZZES: 120 Points

There will be daily quizzes.  The lowest two scores will be dropped.  There are no make-up quizzes.  Quizzes have two purposes. 1. Quizzes are to encourage class attendance. Current quiz questions come from information already discussed in class. 2. Quizzes give students experience with the type of questions that you will see on a mid-term.

Exams:  400 points
I have scheduled four mid-term examinations.  Each will cover only the material since the last exam.  Each is worth 100 points. |Exam #1: October 10th |Exam #2: October 26th | |Exam #3: November 12th |Exam #4: November 30th |

I don’t take class time to go over exams, nor do I hand exams back. If you want to see your exam, you need to come by my office. To avoid confusion, I only have one set...
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