Student Led Discussion (Values Exchange) Case 1

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2. Student Led Discussion (Values Exchange)
Case1 Discussion Evaluation

Now you have completed your first case discussion, complete the following evaluation worksheet on the case “Cultural Competence?” and attach a copy of your response to this case in the Values Exchange. You are able to use the Dashboard Challenge to evaluate the other cases as practice, but only the evaluation of the compulsory case should be submitted. This evaluation, your response and a signed cover sheet should be submitted online on the moodle site, and in hard copy to your campus student administration office by 28th March 2013. This evaluation is worth 20% of your final grade for the unit. On the following pages, type your answers into the boxes provided. The number of marks for each task indicate the amount you should discuss. Expand the boxes to fit your answer. Please write your name, student number below:

To start off, open the case you wish to evaluate and let’s use the DASHBOARD. Click on the link “click here to explore results”.

TASK 1 – THE POLL (2 Marks)
A) What is the largest bar in the POLL? (EG: Agree? Disagree strongly?) (0.5 mark)

B) What is the smallest bar in the POLL? (0.5 mark)

C) What is the main reason you think this result has happened? (1 marks)

TASK 2 – WHO MATTERS MOST? (3.5 marks)
A) What is the biggest wedge for this chart? How many percent is it? (0.5 mark)

B) What is the smallest wedge for this chart? How many percent is it? (0.5 mark)

C) If you can remember what you chose for WHO MATTERS MOST, write down your choice here. (0.5 mark)

D) Why do you think this result happened? Is there a clear majority? Or is it a close call? What do you think this result shows about how people are thinking? (2 marks)

TASK 3 – REASONS (6 marks)
A) Scroll down the REASONS result on the DASHBOARD. Find a statement that you do NOT personally...
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