Student Internship Program Analysis

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At the beginning of the studying at university, normally, students don’t have a clear picture of their future profession. General education disciplines don't show a full image therefore sometimes after graduation students can be disappointed by their job choice or even worse cannot find appropriate profession. That is why, different trainings and internship are the best choice for students, it can allow them to avoid such situations. Many of us do not fully comprehend or appreciate the full scope of benefits of having a Student Internship Program (Ricardo, 2015). Therefore, the main aim of any internship is to help a student to increase a level of the professional education. Employer’s in today’s labor market rely heavily on CV/Resumes, that …show more content…
Interns are good at questioning processes and can often see a better way of doing things that a manager might not. (Forbes, 2011). They function as flexible, cost-effective work force without long-term obligations. Finally, the internship brings a company a year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals, who are ready to accomplish all tasks what they have. For example, one Fairchild Semiconductor intern worked on a project that redesigned a part in a manufacturing tool that saved the company money – that part is now a semiconductor industry standard (Willison, …show more content…
(Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz , 2015). There are some benefits which students have after completing the internship. The internship gives a number of the positive things: firstly, it helps to be sure that the chosen work, the field of activity and the enterprise suit you. There’s no greater feeling then that feeling of clarity and understanding (Mohammed, 2016). Clarity in the vision of the future, on the potential career path and the understanding what is the most appropriate direction to go after the university. Unfortunately, discovery clarity is not a simple procedure. But internship can help youth to make it easier, it gives a student a chance to try specific businesses or specific segments/industries prior to coming to full-time employment—a motto "try before you buy" is a most suitable phrase in this case. Internship shows young talents how to work and how to behave in specific industries and companies. It demonstrates the environment of the working atmosphere, making a feeling that the student is a real employee now and the tasks, which he has, influence on the success of the

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