Student Information System

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Chapter I
Business Profile
Website is a document design used in communicating and interacting with a person, group or even an organization. It provides the information including text, graphics and videos. Each website has its specific features design to add credibility and innovation in the industry.

Student information system is a software application for education establishments to manage student’s data wherein the user can have a faster access with the information of students and in generating information reports.

FCU-NSTP was implemented in 2002. The first coordinator was Mr. Jose Alvarez followed by Mrs. Elena Allado. In 2009 up to the present, the coordinator is Mr. Adam Jesus Bering. FCU-NSTP envisions an efficient, civic conscious and highly motivated NSTP towards social transformation. Its mission is to ensure the efficient implementation of NSTP components for the enhancement of giving conscious and defense preparedness among the Filipino youth. The main goal of FCU-NSTP is to develop civic consciousness, national defense preparedness among the Filipino youth particularly those that enhance their total-being as agents towards the pursuit of national development. There are programs and activities involved in NSTP-CWTS with the help of their partners. The activities are usually done during second semester as part of outreach extended program. These activities/programs are tree planting and beach clean-up drive with the cooperation of local government such as Office of Vice Mayor and City of Tourism, mangrove planting with the help of Sociological Society of London and Coastal Management Officers of City Government, feeding program supported by the Kiwanis International and book-bank program with the help of Asia Foundation.

To be part of NSTP-CWTS, it is necessary to submit classcard and fill up the registration form which contain the information of the students. All gathered information is needed in making student’s...
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