Student Health and Monitoring System

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Chapter I


Background to the Study

The study “Security and Health ID System for the Basic Education Department of the University of Perpetual Help System- Laguna” aims to secure the safety of the Basic Education students. This study uses the barcode technology in monitoring the student’s entry to the university campus and in monitoring the health of the students through the university canteen.

The proponents have recognized issues concerning the security and of health of the Basic Education Department students such as the unauthorized entry of outsiders, cutting of classes of the students, uncontrolled eating of unhealthy foods, and consuming of prohibited foods for a particular student that has a medical condition. With these current issues concerning the safety of the students inside the University of Perpetual Help System, the study is undeniably one of the solutions that will prevent unwanted events to happen inside the university premises since it will keep track of the student’s entrance and exit in the university, and will monitor the health of the students.

Statement of the Problem

The University of Perpetual Help System- Laguna is currently opened to most visitors where the security has never excelled in terms of the safety of the students especially the students of the Basic Education Department. And as a private school, the university must already take part in maintaining the good health of the students. Hence, this study aims to answer the following problems.

1.The uncontrolled entry of the outsiders in the university campus especially inside every building of the Basic Education Department. 2.The occurrence of cutting of classes of the students.
3.The student’s unauthorized absences
4.The consumption of prohibited and unhealthy foods among the students.

Objective of the Study

General Objective

The study aims to create a system that will monitor the student’s entry and...
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