Student: Greenhouse Gas and Modern Invention

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Advantage and Disadvantage Items from Modern Invention
Nowadays in this modern era many inventions are invented in many aspects like in education, transportation, and technology to make the human life more easier. For example in transportation, nowadays everyone can go around the world by using plane even if the distance between the countries is really far. Internet is the one example of the invention in education aspect and e-book is the other invention in education aspect. What is invention? Invention is a new idea or creating new items. So, modern invention is a new idea or new items that found in this modern era. Every invention has their own function but not all invention give an advantage. Some invention has an disadvantage too and some of them have both. In this paragraph I will explain 3 items that give advantages and 3 items that give disadvantages.

First advantage item is hybrid car. Hybrid car is a car that have two power sources (electric & fuel) to make the car or the vehicle move. Hybrid car highlight working concept is by using the batteries to make the motor give acceleration to the engine so the engine use more less energy. The motor and the engine can be use to recharge the batteries by the motor act as the dynamo to recharge the batteries. At low speed or idle the batteries gives all energy to make the car move so the engine is turn off and at the high speed the engine and the batteries give the energy so it give a powerful energy to move the car in the high speed. So, by using two power sources, the car use more less fuel and produce more less emissions too. So, this hybrid car has advantage to reduce the use of fuel. Because nowadays the amount of usage the fossil fuel every year are increase. So, if we did not reduce the usage one year we do not have any fuel sources. Example of hybrid car Toyota Prius, Honda crz, Honda Insight Hybrid, and etc.

Second advantage modern invention is internet. Internet is global system of...
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