Student: Friendship and Unforgettable Activity

Topics: Friendship, Birthday, School Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: April 4, 2013
1)I once took part in the sports meeting in my school. It was unforgettable and exciting. I took part in the running race. I tried my best to run fast. I never gave up when I was very tired and thirsty. It was unforgettable because I won the first prize and all my classmates were proud of me. I was so happy. 2) Last year I took part in the School Art Festival. I played the piano for the school choir. In fact, it was a really unforgettable experience because we made good friends. My piano-playing skill made progress as well. I was too excited to say anything when the performance finished. The cheers made me very happy. What an unforgettable activity it was! 3) Two years ago, I took part in a dancing competition with three other classmates. We practiced dancing every day. We tried our best and never gave up. Eventually, we got the first prize. It was an unforgettable experience because I learnt how to encourage myself. What’s more, I became good friends with my partners and I realized that friendship was really essential for life. I won’t forget the competition in my whole life. 4) I once took part in an English club. People there all talked in English. I was shy at first, and made many mistakes. But people didn’t laugh at me. They just gave me courage. It was unforgettable, because I made a great progress. I was no longer afraid to make mistakes. Now, I am confident and also I believe myself. It was really an unforgettable activity. 206

When I think of Halloween, I can always remember the Halloween party in Grade Three. It’s always been the most unforgettable activity I’ve ever had. The party was held in our classroom on October 31, a nice breezy, autumn day. First, we played such games as bingo and the hide-and –seek. After that, the whole class enjoyed a frightening film while resisting the temptation to eat too many candies. To me, this activity was very memorable because it was the last party I had with my primary school classmates before moving away. I...
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