Student Cheating

Topics: Education, Psychology, Thought Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The causes and effects of students cheating
The main reason why people go to school is to learn for the future. When a student cheats he is failing to prove that he understands the material and the student have also missed the main reason with go to school, to learn. The students who cheats claims that they understand what they are doing but really they don´t. The teachers believe that the student understands and does not know that the student is struggling. If the student is struggling, he may not have the correct ability for more advanced work later on and will continue to fall behind in later classes. However, there are several bad effects one can have if cheating in school, both during the time you are in school and even later on in life. To begin with, cheating in school can become a habit. Let’s say if John who goes to Elmira College is cheating almost every day and is very successful with it, John learn that he can receive credit for minimal work, which could have negative effects on his work ethic later in life. This type of thinking John has is going to follow him into when he comes to the work environment. Employers don't want workers that have this sort of thinking and it is going to show what lack of ability and knowledge he has rather as soon he starts working. Another bad effect is that the student’s creativity level could drop if a student is used to copy his work all the time or have someone else do their work. After a while of copying others work or let someone else doing it for you the student's ability to think creatively and successfully could become really bad and the students are no longer able to write creative by them-selves because for example the computer or someone else does it for them. Finally, students also begin to lose the sense of responsibility when they have other people do their work. This creates the feeling that life will always be a handed to them on a silver platter. But it may be one thing that is the worst of all and...
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