Student Billing System Documentation(Not Yet Completed)

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Technical Background
The Problem
* Statement of the Problem
* Project Content
* Purpose and Description
* Significance of the Study
Scope and Limitation
Review of the Related Literature/System
Research Methodology
* Research Design
* Research Instruments
* Research Respondents
* Data Gathering
* Research Environment
Brief History of the School
Operational Definition of Terms


As we can see in our world today, a lot of things are changing. Typically in terms of communicating, processing as well as in terms of business, marketing, information and a lot more.
In this state of modernization, we can say that it made our everyday lives easier and less time consuming. Say for example, sending money on a rush and needs to be right there for an emergency use where you still need a messenger to send it. And that will take days and even months to receive it. But today, by just a digit of numbers and a few clicks you will receive it instantly.

However we’re in the era of great technology, there are still many that left behind. Neither contented nor settled of the manual way, they are too likely able to be up to date. Seeking for effectiveness and efficiency is their great motivation to have it on its place.

The focus has been largely on the machine and the programs it executes, perhaps explaining the popularity of terms hardware and software. That is the programs and data are more independent of each other and both are independent of the machine and closer to the people. Programs direct the movement and manipulation of data within a computer system. The computer is most likely one of the great technological triggers for future change. Computer nowadays have infiltrated every aspect of our society, and now they do much more than simply compute.

And so, technology brought electronic student billing system which indicates the ideas relevant to the present subject relating to the study and is briefly discussed to provide the foundation of the proposed system. In order to develop a new method and procedures, careful review of literature of studies must be done for the development of the system. In connection hereof, we are tasked to endow with the electronic student’s billing system which may result for the goodness of the institution, the management and staffs and the students as well. Student Billing gives you that needed flexibility in how you bill, receive, and track payments, taking into account individual financial situations. Now you can easily collect and track tuition revenue and fees owed by individual students and segment the tuition bill by individual payer. The next time the student will pay the last payment will automatically deducted. The researchers only aimed to meet their necessary needs in accord to the current billing system they use.

Technical Background

The Electronic Student Billing System is a system program that will help the school cashier of the St. Isidore Academy. It will compute all the account transactions of all the students from 1st year to 4th year level.

The system definitely finds the account of every student recorded in the database. From the day the students are officially enrolled, the student’s necessary data and its billing record are saved in the database. In time of monthly payment for the tuition fees, first the school cashier will click the log-in button in the system through his private user name and a security password. He can then access the system and the student will just fall in line, where the school cashier inputs the student’s ID number, the billing record then will appear: the tuition fee, entrance fee and all data involved in the billing system. After finding the data of the student, the school cashier will input the sum...

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