Student Attendance

Topics: RFID, Smart card, Radio-frequency identification Pages: 26 (9010 words) Published: May 17, 2013
This project focuses on the development of a web based attendance register system, called mobile student attendance monitor. This project is motivated due to the fact that the student's attendance record is the most important element which can reflect their academic achievement in the institutions. Mostly, the attendance register is circulated in the lecture rooms by the lecturers. This is a very time consuming method and not ideal for a large number of students in a big lecture hall. The aim of the project is to develop a user friendly, efficient and effective mobile attendance system that provides an alternative solution to manual attendance in the educational institutions. The development of this prototype system has been built using the web-based applications such as PHP, My SQL and VB.NET to deal the students' attendances by using RFID reader. As, most of the academic institutions provide their students and staffs, ID cards with RFID tags on them. These cards are also known as 'Contactless smart cards'. This project is designed to collect and manage student attendance through this technology which works on the verification basis of the students and recording their time of entrance and exit in the lecture hall.

Keyword: web based prototype, PHP, MySQL, VB.NET, RFID, readers, tag, and contactless smart cards. INTRODUCTION OF THE PROJECT AND THE SYSTEM
Management in organizations is a very important aspect in every field as economy is growing at a very fast speed in this busy world. One of the most important factors of the management of nearly all the organizations is to keep the records of the attendance of the individuals. Many researches and the evidences in them have shown that there is an important relationship between the attendances and the performances of the individuals. If the individuals do not attend the places, their performances will link to poor retentions and results. The development of this system is provoked due to the fact that the students' attendance record is one of the important elements that may reflect their academic achievements in the institutions. For the sake of good results, it is also very important for the institutions to keep the records of the students at all times. As having the accurate and more powerful attendance systems, it helps in the monitoring of the student's activities and their interest in the course. With the help this kind of systems, it would be very easy to handle the record management. Importance of Attendance

Empirical evidences have shown that there is a significant correlation between students' attendances and their performances [1]. This aspect is agreed by both Mazza and Dimitrova where they claimed that this factor is the most important aspect which indicates the behavior of the student for the course. With the help of this analysis, the judgment can be made about their tendency and dedication of the students toward the courses. [2]. Results taken from the study done by Newman-Ford, Lloyd and Thomas have shown that attendance was a significantly better predictor of grade than any other factors such as age, prior education background or even gender [3]. From the study, it had also revealed that retention rates were substantially better for students who were consistently attending classes than those more frequently absent. All of these findings have showed that attendance records have primarily become the proxy to determine the success of the students in most of the higher academic institutions. [4] Manual Attendance System

Traditionally, in most of the higher academic institutions, the recording of the students' attendances are mainly done by paper and pen. On the other hand, this practice will also lead to human errors that could be happening during or after the process of attendance taking. For this process, the attendance sheets are to be distributed in the classes for the students to sign in and this whole process consumes a lot of...
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