Student and Dropping Out Problems

Topics: High school, Dropout, Education Pages: 3 (1020 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Student and Dropping Out Problems

Have you ever seen your friend who dropped out of school? In fact, every human being has the right to choose his own path. With academic reasons, some People assume the basic education of the school is important for successors to understand their future. But in the end, some of them may not be able to live with good schools that they should leave school without a certificate or commonly called dropout. This case is more prevalent in some parts of the country east to west. In fact, the number of students who did not complete their studies is different in each region. For example, if we look at the side of the continent of Asia, there is a three state which counted have reached the highest dropout rates are: Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh, by rate exceeds 33 percent. Although Pakistan and Nepal are still competing with comparative figures 2 percent. It concludes that countries Asia southern suffered a collapsed condition in the field of education. Meanwhile in Africa, the percentage of students who prefer to leave the school, especially from Sub-Saharan Africa region, reaching 42 percent. And then, 17 percent of students in the Latin American country, and around it are the same. The case is quite alarming when it viewed carefully, because when dropout rates begin to rise, the rate of unemployed will rise as well. People with a high school diploma school diploma will get a salary that is not equivalent to the people who have certified experience that make the system in nearly vulnerable for future education. To managing the educating system is not easy as you thought because school dropout problem are a bit complicated, but at least there are several ways to prevent the problem as well as reducing its rates. We believe that there are some people who can understand the importance of education so that they are really diligent in the seeking knowledge. But at the same time, there are some of them who do not want to know and did not...
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