Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Pierre Trudeau, Obesity Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: November 13, 2005
People say things change and what happened in the past a hundred years ago won't relate to modern days. But the famous quote by Yoma from his book The Talmud, quoted, "Ambition destroys its possessor," is relevant to today's society. There are many examples that can be related to, but this one is more general in today's society. Students have great ambition towards education; they want to compete with other peers and achieve a high mark- more or less an "A,"- on an assignment or even a test. Most students study to achieve it, but even with studying for a test, their minds goes blank when looking at their test paper. Eventually some begin to cheat trying to fulfill their ambition in getting an "A." If they get caught cheating, not only did the student lose his ambition, but got busted for the behavior, causing more consequences including suspension. There are other ambitions that most people strive for including money, respect, losing weight, etc. Losing weight is a prime example where people try to lose weight by exercising while others prefer diet. Some people don't understand the meaning of losing weight and decide to skip meals; they are destroying their health without knowing trying to reach their ambitious goal. Others get desperate enough for money, they rob banks or people. These are ambitions that kills or hurts the possessor; that doesn't mean all ambition kills. There are ambitions people had to accomplishing something high in life, like Martin Luther King Jr. who had a dream, and Pierre Elliot Trudeau who had a great ambition to bring home the constitution in 1982. Both these ambitions came true and so being affected the whole society greatly. Everyone has an ambition and its normal and a good thing, but the only aspect they need to learn is how to control it. "Ambition destroys its possessor," The Talmud: Yoma, 86b, proves its true in some cases, but at the same time it can be incorrect and prevented by controlling it.
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