Topics: Time, Term, Risk management Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: October 12, 2014
1. Why is it important to prioritize your IT infrastructure risks, threats, and vulnerabilities? Because it helps to demand what areas need your attention first 2. A quality IT Risk Mitigation Plan will include details on costs, risk prioritization, and accompanying schedule. For risk prioritization, what influence would the industry your organization operates in have on prioritizing your identified risks, threats, and vulnerabilities? By the nature of the data u are trying to safe guard 3. What questions would you bring to executive management prior to finalizing your IT risk mitigation plan? What is the budget and time frame for the migration 4. What is the difference between short-term and long-term risk mitigation tasks and on-going duties? Short term will be the most important and the long term would be items that aren’t as sensitive 5. Which of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure is easy to implement risk mitigation solutions but difficult to monitor and track effectiveness? WAN 6. When considering the implementation of software updates, software patches, and software fixes, why must you test this upgrade or software patch before you implement this as a risk mitigation tactic? To make sure they work as promised and don’t leave open vulnerabilities 7. Are risk mitigation policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines needed as part of your long-term risk mitigation plan? Why or why not? Yes to make sure that risk is limited and that plan is on track and monitored 8. If an organization under a compliance law is not in compliance, how critical is it for your organization to mitigate this non-compliance risk element? It is very important so that the organization isn’t held liable for breaking the law
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