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Gran Torino Movie Essay
SPC3301 Interpersonal Communication

The movie Gran Torino is a great example of interpersonal communication taking place in a cultured shocked neighborhood. The communication styles applied by the characters of the movie are essential to understanding the reasons why in general individuals are racists, stereotypical and unable to adapt to different cultures as well as living with those who are different to us.

Gran Torino is a very compelling movie which faces controversial social issues present to our times. The plot of the movie takes place in a gang filled neighborhood which still housed homeowners from before it turned dangerous. The main character Walt Kowalski is a widower and Korean War veteran who is old fashioned, tough-minded and driven by a massive prejudice. Adding to his discontent his once all-while neighborhood is now mostly Southeast Asian reminding him at all times of the horrors he suffered during the Korean War. Amidst the changes, a Hmong descent family moved next door, this family included two teenagers, one a very streetwise girl named Sue and a very shy boy, Thao. As expected Walt does not want anything to do with the foreign family but despite all his greatest efforts not to get involved he eventually becomes a very significant part of the teenager’s lives. The relationship between the teenagers and Walt begins when Thao attempts to steal Walt’s beloved 1972 Gran Torino as part of a gang initiation ritual. Thao does not wish to be part of this gang but because the teenager’s life in the neighborhood they are forced by the gang members to do what it takes to join. Walt figures that the kids will not be able to life their lives in peace as long as the gang exits so he begins to devise a plan to somehow restore the order in his neighborhood as well as protecting the two kids he has grown fond of. There are various...

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