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Q 1. Explain e-commerce in detail. What are its advantages? What are the various issues? A 1. For a common man e-commerce is known as buying and selling of products (business transactions) and service over internet but it is more than just handling purchase transactions and transfer of funds over internet. Despite electronic commerce fast roots in transactions between large companies, use of internet in bank’s and other financial institutions given way to bring electronic commerce to the individual consumer, there by increase in the online commercial transactions. Fast developing electronic media opens door for business of all sizes. Smaller companies too can conduct business online. With lower cost. This is achieved either by replacing other networks or by using internet as another communication medium and converting business data into digital and incorporating it with business parties. Advantages of E-Commerce

Better departmental interactions: this could be the information sharing within the companies or between the companies working together for better performance. improved customer relations: Commercial activities on electronic network eliminates time, place and principal constraints. For example: if a customer wants to buy a book of his choice he need not go around searching for the book, instead he can do the same inside the closed doors. Thanks to e-Commerce. And also the publishers need not have physical stores to sell their books. Customer support system can be achieved throughout the day. Orders can be placed or accepted at anytime, anywhere. Issues associated with e-Commerce

The scope of e-Commerce is as wide as an ocean, and there by the implementation hurdles. It is the trust between the consumer and the merchant which matters most in business. For example as a simple transaction, to purchase a product at a physical shop one must be satisfied with the brand, price, quality and after sale support, payment may be by cash, cheque or credit card. The merchant accepts the payment (if not in cash) only when he/she is sure of getting his/her money and delivers the products. In this type of transactions, both parties are physically present at a common place, so the mutual trust between the parties can be established by traditional means. In electronic commerce. Transactions has to take place without their(consumer and merchant) physical presence at a common place. This has given birth to many issues in e-Commerce. It can be broadly classified into three major aspects of e-Commerce, they are Network security issues.

Message security issues.
Other issues
Q 2. What are the security standards for internet? List out the functions and applications of various standards. A 2.The security standards are
Secure sockets layer (SSL)
The SSL (secure sockets layer) Handshake protocol was developed by Netscape communications corporation to provide security and privacy over the internet. The protocol supports server and client authentication. The SSL protocol is application independent, allowing protocols like HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol), FTP (file transfer protocol), and telnet to be layered on top of it transparently. The SSL protocol is able to negotiate encryption keys as well as authenticate the server before data is exchanched by the higher-level application. The SSl protocols maintains the security and integrity of the transmission channel by using encryption, authentication and message authentication codes. Commonly used security standards are listed in the following section Standard

Secure HTTP
Secure web transaction
Browsers, web servers, internet applications.
Secure sockets
layer (SSL)
Secure data packets at network layer
Browsers, web...
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